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2017 Entertainers

Aaron Goodvin

One of the benefits of growing up in a small town is that you learn how to make your own entertainment. For country singer Aaron Goodvin, born in the tiny town of Spirit River, Alberta, that meant joining his extended family around the campfire for sing-alongs.


“When I was around 10 or 11 we got a karaoke machine for Christmas,” Aaron remembers, “After that it was all over. You couldn’t stop me singing.”
As a 12 year-old, Aaron had his first taste of stage life when he entered a singing contest at a local mall. Once he heard the applause from the crowd, he knew what he wanted to do and no one was going to get in his way. But singing other people’s songs wasn’t what he had in mind, so he as soon as he could play guitar, he started writing his own material.

By the time Aaron was 18 his songwriting had matured to the point of contributing cuts to other artists.
“I love songwriting, but it’s what I do to get to the place I really want to be. I see myself as an artist – as a performer.”




Over the years, Aaron built a local reputation as a dynamic performer with a rock solid portfolio of songs. With that success buoying his confidence, he started to make trips down to Nashville to test the waters in country music’s Mecca. After signing with publishing powerhouse Warner Chappell Music, Aaron scored his first major league contribution with the track “Out Like That” on Luke Bryan’s multi-platinum Crash My Party. That kind of calling card gets you invited in to a lot of writing sessions, but Aaron had other ideas about his place in the music world.
“Because of songwriting I was able to break in to Nashville,” he says. “There’s nothing cooler than having someone singing your song. But, performing is the reason that I do all of the other things I do.”


The opportunity to continue to develop as a performer ended up coming from fellow artist Johnny Reid. Reid was working with a Nashville recording engineer who mentioned that he had also been working with a young singer named Aaron Goodvin. Impressed by his ability to sing and perform Johnny reached out to Aaron to get together. The two talked about what Aaron’s future could hold.



“I told Johnny that I just wanted to share my music with an audience,” says Aaron. “He’s taken me under his wing which shows you what kind of guy he is. He truly wants to help other artists.”


Aaron’s versatility and passion for writing and performing is second to none. Aaron has a natural ability to light up a stage, connect with his audience, and deliver a show-stopping performance, whether it’s a small intimate gathering or a crowd of thousands.

“I want to get out there and connect with people through my music. I’m a passionate guy who tries to write about real life things that mean something to a lot of people.”  For more information about Aaron Goodvin visit:

Aaron Goodvin talks about “Knock On Wood”:
This song is the past 10 years of my life wrapped into three and half minutes. Co-written with my producer Bart Butler and his longtime friend Larry McCoy, I knew from the first time I spit out the first line “I’m gonna change the world, just me and this guitar” that it was going to be special.
I believe God put me on this earth to sing and write songs with a message. Songs that give people hope no matter where they are in their lives. This is that song. It’s also a great reminder to myself of all the hard times I got through just to get a song like this on the radio.

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