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2017 Entertainers

Tilly & The Billy Goats

Tilly & the Billygoats are a trio from Big River Sask. that spectalize in old country, old rock ‘n roll and original musical comedy.


Sherry (Tilly) Richards plays a solid bass guitar and features great harmonies and backup vocals. She loves to play music with Jack and Bruce -- Her own personal Billygoats!!


Bruce Isbister is a self taught lead guitarist who compliments the group with tastefully placed guitar riffs as well as lead guitar solos that will astound you in their simplicity!!


Jack Hills is a guitar player and lead vocalist that can compliment an old country tune or some classic rock ‘n roll equally. A master at musical comedy, the group’s original songs and comedic rewrites are all a product of his vivid imagination and his ability to tell a great story within the time limits of a song!!


Together they are Tilly & the Billygoats -- A group that you won’t want to miss!


The Billygoats will be the opening act for Country at the Creek on Friday June 19th.. Make sure you come early, stay late and don’t miss Tilly and the Billygoats!!!! 

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