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2017 Entertainers

Eli Barsi

Eli Barsi is a farm girl from the prairies of Saskatchewan Canada.  She has always said that being raised in the country and seeing first hand hard work helped her develop as an artist, and gave her the perseverance, drive & passion to have a career in music. 


Eli has spent many years in the business as a diverse entertainer, musician, songwriter, producer, yodeller, TV Host  & award winner.  Most recently 2014 & 2015  brought her some great accolades including being the first Canadian Woman to receive a prestigious Wrangler Award from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.  The Saskatchewan Country Music Association also honoured Eli with Roots Artist & Roots Album.  


Over the last 3 decades she has performed full time as a band, trio, duo & solo act and has written and recorded a large body of work in that time including her 13th album  ‘ Portrait of a Cowgirl ‘.  She is also an accomplished lead ‘ Carter Scratch ‘ style acoustic guitar player, as well, sprinkles in 5 string banjo, mandolin & autoharp in some of her shows.  2016 will find Eli releasing a couple of new projects, many live shows both sides of the border, back at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville with her 4th yodelling presentation, song writing, creating new works for her travelling gift emporium ‘ Prairie Girl Gifts ‘,  and painting for her first art exhibition!


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