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Know Before You Go


On-Site Accommodation

Tent and RV Camping Available. Dry camping only. No power, no water hookups.

Camping passes are $25 and are required if staying on-site. These can be purchased at the Front Gate. 


Off Site Accommodation

Timberland Motel - 306-469-4888  website

Big River Hotel & Bar- 306-469-2030  website

Poplar Point Resort - 306-469-4987

Eagles Wings B&B Retreat - 306-469-7925  website

The Ranch Highway 55, Debden - 306-468-7795  website


Will the Festival be cancelled due to bad weather?


Festival Goes Rain or Shine. Bring your rain gear and umbrella. There are vendors with lots of warm food and drinks on site to warm you up.

What items are allowed in the Downtown area (main stage site)?

  • Hats

  • Sun Block - We highly recommend bringing this!

  • Sunglasses

  • Food & Beverages (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic) purchased from vendors

  • Beach Towel/Blankets/Soft Lawn chairs

  • Digital Cameras (non-professional)/ Film Cameras (non-professional)

  • Strollers

  • Cell Phones

  • Required Medical Equipment - Wheelchairs, oxygen bottles etc.


What items are NOT allowed in the Downtown area (main stage site)?

  • Glass Containers

  • Umbrellas/ Chairs with Canopies

  • Food & Beverages (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic) not purchased from vendors

  • Drones, Unmanned Aircraft Devices & Remote Controlled Vehicles

  • Animals - With the exception of service animals for guests with disabilities

  • Cameras with Lenses Longer than six (6) inches (unless approved by CATC)

  • Fireworks

  • Laser Pointer Devices

  • Noisemakers

  • Promotional/Advertising or Sale Materials not approved by Country at the Creek

  • Video cameras

  • Monopods and Tripods

  • Illegal Substances (Narcotics)

  • Weapons - Knives, box-cutters, firearms, etc.


All items and patrons are subject to additional inspection prior to entering parts of the venue.

Are children allowed at Country At The Creek?

Children 12 and under are allowed in for FREE when accompanied by a ticketed adult.


Does my campsite include admission to the festival?

The purchase of your campsite does not include admission to the festival. Please note, in order to enter the campgrounds and access your campsite, you will need to purchase a weekend admission ticket. This pass must be displayed on your camper/tent . CATC staff will be checking.


Does my campsite include hookups for water or electricity?

All campsites are "primitive" and do not have water or electrical hookups. Potable water is available on site, near the food vendor area. This is for filling containers only. No hookup allowed.


I really want to buy that artist’s cd, but I spent my money in the beer gardens!

Not to worry, ATM machines are on site. Be advised service fees will be added to your withdrawal

Is the price for my campsite just one day or the whole weekend?


When you purchase a campsite, it’s yours for the entire festival. 

When do I need to vacate my campsite after the event?


Campsites must be cleared out by 5pm Sunday.

Is there a limit on the number of people that can stay on a campsite?

As long as y’all stay within your marked area, you can accommodate as many people as you’d like!

What are the rules regarding generators?

Generators are allowed but must be turned off during "Quiet Hours". "Quiet Hours" for generators begin at 2AM and end at 7AM.

Can I light a bonfire?

Fires are only allowed in appointed fire pits for the safety of everyone at the festival. All fires must have 2 litres of emergency water nearby. CATC staff will be checking. Forest fires are a real concern; please be aware.​


Can I bring a grill?

Yes. Gas and charcoal burning grills are permitted.

​​Can I bring my pooch?

Pets are allowed in the campgrounds, but not in the festival grounds (with the exception of service dogs). Service dogs must wear proper ID tags or vest. If you do bring a pet to Country at the Creek, you are responsible for them. Pets must be LEASHED and kept at your campsite at all times. You are also responsible for cleaning up after your pet. Noisy Pets may result in a complaint against you. Consider if the setting of noise, people and fires is a good fit for your fur baby.

What kind of drink containers are allowed on site?

It is inevitable that glass will break and someone in bare feet will step on it. Leave it at home, and bring cans, tetra packs, and boxed beverages instead.


Where can I consume “adult beverages”?

The Ness Creek site is a public venue; therefore, liquor may only be consumed in your campsite or in the designated licensed downtown area. Random bag searches may be conducted. The RCMP is on hand and will issue fines. PLEASE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.


Can I smoke in the “downtown area”?

While there is no law about what you put into your lungs, we do ask that you be considerate of the other attendees when smoking tobacco of any kind. Smoking is permitted in the downtown area. Please remember Cigarette butts are a fire hazard; please dispose of properly in an airtight container (such as a film canister) or campfire. Please be mindful of No Smoking signage in certain areas.


Please help us keep our campgrounds clean! Be sure to bring garbage cans/bags for your trash, and take it out with you, or use the dumpsters on site. Do not burn your garbage in your campfire. Leave your campsite clean when you leave.

Be Bear Aware

Bears are a reality at the festival site, as it was their home before it was our festival site. Follow bear safety rules for your own safety, and for the health and safety of the bears. Bears that become too accustomed to humans and learn to forage in the trash have to be destroyed, which is heartbreaking and we do NOT want this! Keep your campsite clear of bear attractants for the safety of campers and wildlife alike. Bears can open cooler boxes! Food, toiletries etc must be stored in your car or hard-topped trailer.

Is there on site security and Medical assistance?

Country at the Creek hires professional security and medical staff for your safety. We have qualified Emergency Medical Responders on site. Please contact the Info Booth should you need the help of an Emergency Medical Responder. Security personnel are there for the safety of the entire festival, and do have the right to call in Law Enforcement should the need arise.

Please respect their directions. Disputes with these professionals, and CATC staff may result in ejection from the site, and/or police action.

We’re having a little bit of a problem in the campgrounds, who do we contact?

In an Emergency, please call 306-469-7958 with as many details as possible.

If a non-emergency (noise complaint, etc), please send an email to: with as many details as possible, including your contact information and campsite number.


How Do I Get There?

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