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2018 Entertainers

Roland Corrigal

Roland Corrigal's life has been steeped in live country music from the beginning.  It is no surprise that he upheld this tradition throughtout his life playing with his family and various other bands. 


After receiving his first Saskatchewan Country Music Association award in 2016, Roland has performed at concerts and festivals across Canada and wrapped up his EP Small Town Life (produced by Rich McFarlane of Mosaic Music).  He also released a radio single called “I Don’t Wanna Fight No More” that is getting airplay across the country and beyond. 


Along with another SCMA award win in 2017 for "Aboriginal Artist of the Year" he was nominated for “Emerging Artist” and “Album of the Year”.  Currently, he is working with Canadian Country Music Association award-winning producer Bart McKay on an upcoming release.  


For more information about Roland, check out:

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