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2017 Entertainers

The Willie Sons

The Willie Sons are Reed Willison, Brendan Varcoe, Alf Epp, and Tyler Bergen.  All Members hail from the Saskatoon area, each bringing a wide variety of professional experience.


Willison (guitar/lead vocals), a singer/songwriter who contributes the bulk of material to the group, together with Varcoe (upright bass/5 string banjo), a veteran musician of the 80’s rock era, balance their styles with the more contemporary leanings of Bergen (guitar/vocals) and the well established folk and bluegrass playing of Epp (mandolin/vocals).  The result is a category-stretching blend of country, bluegrass, and gospel intended to entertain, embrace, and uplift.


The Willie Sons’ live performances are dynamic, energetic, and highly entertaining, as brotherly relationships on stage create a warm, inviting atmosphere for audience members.  In addition to the songs by Willison and Bergen, The Willie Sons perform several covers, plus new arrangements of familiar gospel and bluegrass songs.


Families and jobs have kept the group to a small touring schedule – but with the release of their debut CD, “Home” and most recently their follow up CD “Rich Man”, the Willie Sons are eager to see what the future holds.


For more information about The Willie Sons Band visit their website at:

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