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Vendor Guidelines


All vendors must meet specified requirements to be accepted at our festival.


  • All products sold by vendors must follow an ethics code.  The vendor manager will use good judgement in the selection of the products to be sold, ensuring that there is no pornographic or suggestive content.  Country at the Creek Music Fest. Management reserves the right to decline or remove any product found unsuitable or inappropriate.  If the above rules are not followed, the vendor may be asked to leave the site and the vendor registration fee will be forfeited. 

  • The approved vendor will be the sole operator of his/her booth.  No sub-leasing will be allowed.

  • Once accepted, vendors are required to submit a general listing of their products and prices and they must remain the same.  Prices can not be raised on the site at any time.

  • If additional items are to be sold, changes must be submitted in writing before June 15th.

  • All vendors must have signage that is professionally lettered.  Signage is only permitted on vendor booth or tent.

  • All vendors are responsible for putting their own garbage in the dumpsters provided on site.


Safety Guidelines


  • All equipment must comply with Canadian Gas Codes.

  • All propane tanks must be properly installed.

  • Fire Extinguishers are required for all FOOD VENDORS and all staff should know how to use them.

  • All tents/structures must meet safety standards and be properly attached/staked to the ground with reflective marking.

  • It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their items.


Permits & Licences


  • All vendors must agree to obtain and display any permits and/or licences required by government agencies.

  • Vendor will be responsible for all damages to any property of the Ladder Valley Site.


Insurance Requirements


  • All vendors are responsible to insure their own property and employees from damage or loss from any cause.  Country at the Creek Music Fest, nor the facility will assume liability for loss or damage to the vendor or their employees.

  • All vendors are responsible for the cost and placement of Public Liability Insurance related to the festival.

  • All vendors must provide a copy of their insurance with the acceptance of their application.


Set Up, Take Down & Hours of Operation


  • Vendors may enter the festival site as early as 12:00PM on Thursday to begin set up.  There may be patrons on site on Thursday, but the majority will not be there till Friday around 4PM.

  • Vendors must remain on-site as long at their booth is set up.

  • Vendors must agree to keep their areas surrounding their booth clean at all times.

  • All vendor’s spaces must be left clean and free of debris upon take down which will be no later than 3PM, Sunday.

  • There will be a charge to vendors who do not leave their spaces clean and tidy.


Vendor Fees


  • All retail vendors will pay a fee of $200, which is to be paid in full upon acceptance and no refunds will be issued.

  • All food vendors will pay a fee of $300, which is to be paid in full upon acceptance and no refunds will be issued

  • The fee includes two Weekend Passes.

  • Additional Weekend Passes can be purchased at the standard ticket price.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please email:

Download The Vendor Guidelines and Application Here
(pdf file viewer required)

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